American Exchanger Services

American Exchanger Services, Inc. (AM-EX) is a manufacturer of the highest quality and most efficient heat transfer equipment including feedwater heaters, unfired heat exchangers, main steam condensers, and other miscellaneous equipment for the global market. AM-EX is a certified ASME Code Shop holding the “U” Stamp for fabrication, the “R” Stamp for repairs, and the “PP” Stamp for power piping. We are a member of HEI, helping to write the standards for the entire heat exchanger industry.

AM-EX is headquartered in West Allis, Wisconsin with fabrication and machining facilities in Hartford, Wisconsin. AM-EX was incorporated in 1984 by Thomas J. Muldoon, PE. Today, under the same ownership, AM-EX leads the industry in the design, fabrication, and service of heat transfer equipment for the Power Generation, Process, Nuclear, Pulp and Paper, and Renewable Energy industries.

AM-EX recently won the Small Business Administration's Regional Exporter of the Year award for the Great Lakes Region, for our strong performance serving the global power market. We'd like to thank all of export customers for their business in the the last several years, and we look forward to continuing to build our relationships for the future...

• Engineering

With specialty programs such as in house Finite Element Analysis, Thermal Rating, custom proprietary design software, and decades of experience, our design engineering team is well-equipped to produce the most reliable and efficient vessel designs. Click here for more.

• Fabrication

Heavy industrial fabrication capabilities, specialty techniques, and rigorous Quality Assurance allow AM-EX to get project completed to specification and delivered to customers on time. Click here for more.

• Service

Dedicated AM-EX field technicians provide retubing services for feedwater heaters and condensers, emergency onsite repairs, and diagnostic engineering services. Service equipment is developed in-house and used in the field. For time-critical repairs, AM-EX is a global provider of 24-hour emergency service. Click here for more.